TNJP - The Christian Musical 2
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Tracing the 4000-year journey of the great hope of Christian faith through original songs performed by the show’s 12-member The New Jerusalem Project Band, Forever and Ever springs from the creative and spiritual vision of composer/director and pianist Thomas Hogge.

The New Jerusalem Project Band includes Vancouver based singer/musician Tom Arntzen on keyboards and vocals. Guitarists Olaf DeShield and Tim Porter bring decades of live touring and studio experience across Canada to bear, with DeShield also contributing on rock-styled vocals. Singers Laura Doyle, Ashley Tendesai and Keith Bennett bring a wealth of gospel and jazz vocal experience to the mix. Drummer Phil Robertson has played with major artists over a 25-year career including Michael Buble. Rounding out The New Jerusalem Project Band is a stellar horn section, with seasoned saxophonist Steve Hilliam (Colin James Band), the award-winning Vince Mai on trumpet and sought-after trombonist Rod Murray.